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On Assignment

You’ve heard of “Christmas in July”? The Labor Day holiday kicks us all into a sort of “New Year’s in September” mode. The new year is still a few months off, but the ending of summer and the beginning of school get us in the mind set of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Never a great student as a young person, I always loved the first few days of school - new classes, new teachers and fresh notebooks just waiting to be filled with well organized notes from my sure to be well disciplined mind. At least for a few days each September, I wasn’t behind and I had yet to miss an assignment.

As a church family, September is a good time for us to reflect on our life together and to consider our commitments to the Lord and to each other. I am firmly convinced that God has drawn us together as a church family, and that like a good teacher, he has meaningful assignments for each of us individually and as a community. Further, unlike much of my school experience, there is grace for those of us that may have “missed” our assignment from God for some time - being more focused on our own agenda than on God’s good purpose for us within his Church and for this world that he loves so much.

Jesus told a parable about two sons who had been instructed by their father to go work in the family vineyard. The first son initially flatly denied his father’s request, but later changed his mind and obediently got to work. The second son responded positively that he would comply with his father’s command, but for whatever reason never made it to the vineyard, (Matt.21:28-32). Jesus told this story to demonstrate that many of the tax collectors and “sinners” were making it into the kingdom of God before the overtly religious leaders of his day.

However, I think we can extend the implications of Jesus’ parable to our willingness to follow through on his call in our lives and within his church. As a part of the church of Jesus Christ, we have all been called to work in Father God’s vineyard - the world. We have all been blessed by God with specific skill sets, passions and spiritual gifts that he intends for us to use for his glory and the good of his church and our community. The question is, have you discovered your gifts and are you fulfilling your assignment?

Whether you sing in the choir, serve as an usher/greeter, deacon or deaconess, Sunday school teacher or trustee, or if you serve outside the church delivering meals through Mama’s Kitchen or serving families at the Ronald McDonald House, our church family and our community are blessed by the many of you that have found your place, said yes to the Father and serve regularly with energy and love.

For those of you that find yourself, for whatever reason, identifying more with the second son, it’s not too late - God accepts “make-up” assignments. There’s plenty of work to be done, and there is a necessary and meaningful place for you.

By His Grace,

Pastor Scott